Saturday, July 3, 2010

Neo-classical Interior Design

This style has been used as a foundation for interpretation for many decades to become one of the most influential of all design styles. Neoclassical interior design selects elements from Greek and Roman antiquity to create balance and refinement.
Neoclassical furniture is typically light, graceful and simple
  • Windows and door ways are commonly spanned by lintels than by arches.
  • Crown molding is important, and can feature a dentil pattern, swags, garlands, egg and dart shapes.
  • Large sash windows, pilasters, attic stories or parapets, and simple roof lines.
  • Stone or marble or iron work with motifs, along with carved statue details in honoring Roman Gods and Goddesses.  
  • Colors are light, calming in tone and usually pale shades of white and pink adorning the walls and wood. Use stronger color, sparingly: black and terra cotta for a Greek feel, or deep red and gold for an imperial, Roman look
  • Ornaments are delicate and very low in relief; usually embossed or heavily painted.
  • Carved with rosette, leaf and flower motifsVaried fabrics like plain, checks and patterned with floral designs are used with hangings and upholstery.
  • Large dining table; fluted legs to add to the charm and matched by rows of chairs with rectangular or shielded shapes. Chairs are in radical designs, backs taking rectangular or shield shapes, with slender and absolute straight lines. fluted legs rounded moldings.
  • Shining floor made of highly polished marble or stone or light pine or granite with theme motif inlaid to convey the style.
  • Wallpaper in geometric, floral or Classical designs is also appropriate.
  • Antique accessories from late 18th century, silver tea ware, china, candlesticks, screens, urns and statuary.
Neo-Classic architecture and interiors boast a distinctive set of attributes, quite different from any other style. Style decoration invokes the memories of bygone Roman or Greek living, bright living rooms making way for a great day and magnificent dining rooms radiating fresh energy to soothe a weary mind.