Monday, June 7, 2010

Clean Crisp White! A do not!

Don't do it! Normally white would not be the direction I would head into when recommending hues, for a kitchen no less! The photographer too, needed some direction in this photo, that horrible window glare yuk! Would have rather have had this scene in the evening or the photographer should have adjusted something. A yellow sunlight or the down lights turned on as dusk head in, but I'm not the eye behind the lens. The setting thou i can critic, prep island with breakfast bar, mahogany wood tone stools, paneling on ceiling and walls, down lighting, very crisp clean this could only be a narcissist kitchen.  This takes a lot of guts and cleaning to maintain and pull off, so if you have kids stay a way.  This design is only A GOOD PICTURE but for any one who just loves to cook i don't think so! Plus I think its boring and sterile. Only recommendation   I have is to use a lil more of that two tone they used in the drawer handles in the cabinetry paneling and made the stove hood  the same stainless steel as the fridge. Please let me add that the designer was rated top 100, maybe for layout but its on my bottom 100 for design and style. Sorry!