Saturday, May 15, 2010


 This is madness and unnessisary. The chair is almost $1500 and the bench $5000 with tax. Yeah! OK! Wait! Dont get me wrong I love the chair and bench (and the artist who crafted this ultra modern piece, it truley is beautiful) and if money, waste of tree, and comfort were not an issue, fine chop(i mean shop) away.

 Now a simple, inexpensive way to achieve this look is to do a little research or if time is of concerned hire an designer to do the shopping for you. We love going flea markets, yard sales, antique shops. Quickly found these similar furniture pieces at for 1/8 of the price too. Plus im not scared to sit here.
 American Made Solid Wood Amish Furniture is Environmentally Friendly
Ok now want to spend and not give a hoot but still eco-friendly. I jocked this bench by Jumpi Sammaratino.